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Product & packaging design

Portion control tool

for a new healthy lifestyle


Design with people in mind

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"I worked with Lotte over a period of two years. She's very professional in her approach. It was great seeing her leading my project from brainstorm, development to an actual product including packaging. She's great at listening and translating your wishes into design. Her personality makes her a great person to work with. I have full confidence that she'll thrive as an entrepreneur and I would recommend her to everyone who wants to develop a concept/ product."

Marissa Garland | Business owner | DIN DIN



The challenges in this project were about creating a portion tool that which is user-friendly and cost efficient for a client startup. The portion tool is sold next to the DIN-DIN method which describes how to portion your food properly.


The final product is powerful in its simplicity. A tool which is less intrusive in the eating process than other tools on the market. The product exists of just 3 sticks, which you can assemble yourself when needed. It is easy to clean and can be stored in a compact way in your kitchen. The final product is made of Bamboo, which is one of the most sustainable wood options currently available.

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